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Witch 102915 by Four-Skulls
Witch 102915
Something Halloween.  Haven't been drawing alot, been playing Disgaea D2.
Comic Practice 03
Just more practice.  Though for those who want to know, Mei got permission to attend Galatea's 18th birthday birth, and decided to unwrap her present early. ;)

I just wanted an excuse to draw her naked under a labcoat.
Artemis WIP
So, this is kind of personal...but my father wound up in the hospital today (I'd rather not talk about that).  The point is, he had this painting of Artemis I did about 20yrs ago that I did.  It was a still-life project that incorporated items from home (I brought a deer head we had at the house).  So, I eventually got it back, and not happy with it, painted over it trying to improve it.  Well, I really kind of messed it up (since I wasn't really any better), and it's set in my garage ever since.  I guess I've always felt a little guilty over it, so I always have meant to go back to it.  So here's the rough idea of what I'd like to do.
Comic Practice 01
So I decided to start doing some practice doodles. 

If you're not familiar with the story between these two characters, the tall one Galatea (Gallie) only existed in a sort of virtual world up until she turned 18.  The other girl Mei, intruded into that world 5 years before the start of the story (when she was 13, and Gallie was 11).  Gallie saves her from a monster (Mei thinks she's a boy), and her dad (an Alien) takes Mei to his school in America (TEXAS). 

There unbeknownst to her, Mei is attacked is attacked daily by monsters on this virtual realm she can't see or interact with.  She's saved by Gallie who has developed into what she thinks Mei would think a strong woman would look like.  Essentially a Bancho/Yanki.  Mei, spends the next 5 years trying to hack servers trying to find her "Prince", and right before she's to graduate, she finally succeeds.  Gallie saves her from the same monster from 5 years ago, and Mei's latent techno-empathy tunes her brain to the server bandwidth, allowing her to see the virtual overlay world that Gallie lives in even without the headset. 

She's kept at the school for the next 2 years until Gallie's 18th birthday when she is able to get her real body that has been developing all this time.


Four Skulls
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I did this awhile back, meant to be my thanks for 10,000 views pic.  When I asked for some tips on the forums, I got some negative feedback that really killed the project for me.  I figured I'd finally try to salvage the project.

The Original:
Bridge 2 by Four-Skulls
The updated of that one:
Bridge 4 by Four-Skulls
The new version:
Bridge 3a by Four-Skulls
Do you think the old version is more dynamic than the new one?  Mind you I know the hands are bad, and the arms could use some work; I'm more worried about the overall composition of the piece that would cause me to have to tear it all down and start over.

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